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Virtual Fair Platforms

Virtual Fair Platforms Vs Virtual Fair Production Companies

The rise of virtual events has rocked businesses to the core. With industries closing down & new normal measures set, virtual experiences are left as the only best feasible option to stay ahead in this competitive world. With greater reason, now people are experiencing a dire need to explore, engage, learn more & stay connected online. To communicate, share, express themselves, build significant networks with people both near & afar. Today, virtual reality events are considered as the most incredible &a next-level experience. A reality that every industry needs to embrace & practice.

Most of the virtual event platforms globally are well familiarised with this transition now. At HexaFair, we aim to make this transition much faster, smoother & as seamless as possible, by presenting all the information, expertise & tips encompassing the virtual events arena. Even with all the data essentials, there still exist a few miscomprehensions regarding the contrast between the virtual fair platforms & virtual fair production companies. They may not be the same, yet exhibitors will need both to deliver an extraordinary experience. For a better understanding of their variations, analysis & essentiality, keep reading on further.

Visualize the Virtual Fair as your Couch:

Suppose you buy a furniture piece online & it arrives in a dismantled form, what will you do? You will put it together, right! You bring in some stuff like hammer, nails or screws to assemble the piece. In fact, you will need them to build your couch. Quite similar is the virtual event platform. You can never host a virtual event without a dynamic stage. Just as hammers, screwdrivers, varnish elements, and brushes are for couch building, virtual fair production companies are for virtual events.

We bring in much more than a regular toolkit. We facilitate with the complete set-up of advanced technology, futuristic concepts & features that will ensure you have the best comfy, trendy couch ever.

We are HexaFair!

How does a Virtual Fair Platform Operate?

Being the most vital part of a holistic experience, virtual event platforms today have become that space where you, your participants, speakers, sponsors, and the display medium can connectvirtually. As a real event, needs a large physical space to enable people to come together & connect, similarly, virtual events need a platform to exhibit brands & gather attendees.

There are numerous virtual event platforms accessible in the markets today. While few are manageable with minimal features, others are highly advanced with features like chat & breakout rooms, polling etc.Technologically advanced platforms have all the tools, features & elements to engage your audience virtually.

Nails are a vital part of the couch building. Alike them, virtual event platforms too, are just a piece of the experience, not the complete package. For a real event, you will need an AV, production, and catering to come together. So, the question is what will a virtual event take? Well, this makes it clear that to host an event virtually, you will need to have the best virtual event production company on your side.

How Can a Virtual Fair Production Company Service Provider Fulfil your Demands?

A virtual fair production company service provider can also be your perfect toolkit. Collaborating with experts who have been in the virtual events industry for years, & learning about the niche is the first step to make your virtual event a great success. At HexaFair, we have been all through, gave our best to exhibit in pride. We have done all the research, experiments & practice to prove it. This is why we exactly know what is required to build a successful and extraordinary experience for your participants!

1. It helps you to choose the right platform:

With virtual fair production companies or virtual trade show companies, you will get an opportunity to explore the best available options. There are numerous virtual event platforms available today. Organizers or event planners are getting confused identifying, a viable solution for their plan. That is when the virtual trade show company comes in. Experts have already put in all the efforts into studying the available diverse options, and hence they know well which platform best fits your purpose. No need for long hours of research & uncertainty, the virtual trade show companies will do it for you!

2. Repurpose Past Expenses:

With the onset of the pandemic, it is clear that your physical events must have got cancelled. So, now you must be planning to host a new virtual event. If already invested, you must have truly incurred some huge loss towards physical event expenses. Don’t worry! Virtual trade show company service providers are here to listen where you invested your budget in and ensure that you can regain on some of the investment & redirect them towards scheduling platforms, apps, and attendee management software. You don’t have to completely part with the amount you have already invested in the in-person event. Virtual event production company service providers are here to repurpose your past expenses.

3. Frame your Event Perfectly:

Although it might seem all the events are similar, but, every virtual event is unique. So, having a dynamic virtual event production team on board will help you to deliver a unique experience & something quite similar to traditional events. Elements like chat & breakout spaces, conferences, sponsor activities and engagement are still possible. Event planners can host your virtual event perfectly if they can understand your vision clearly. We encourage our patrons to hire the experts rather than going for platforms that offer zero assistance, plans, production, and tailored solutions.

Virtual Fair Production Companies Service Providers

  • Get the Best Speaker Training & Practice:

The role of speakers has become vital & clear with the rise of virtual events. To keep the attendees engaged, virtual event speakers must be more captivating & interesting. The situation becomes extremely tricky while dealing with competitions like children, dogs, Netflix, and so on. Many speakers today have no experience in virtual events, so how can they succeed is the main question? A virtual event company gives you the option of designating a team member to train your speakers individually. The training includes all the best applications associated with engagement, experience, content, and the exhibition itself. Training your speakers well is just like setting your virtual event up for success!

  • An Invaluable Backup:

While planning a physical event, will you ever abandon camera & lighting experts? Engineers and sound technicians? On the whole, will you risk your event planning without having the right experts in respective fields to ensure a level of production excellence to be achieved on all fronts? No, right! The same applies to virtual events. The model might vary for all, but as the virtual events are complex, they often call for their own production. But, you will still need someone who knows website building and is comfortable using live-streaming technology. Experts who are strongly aware of audio, sound and lighting quality. And lastly strong dedicated support, just in case if something goes wrong, a plan B, a help or a point of contact that will stick by your side from inception to completion.

  • A holistic solution for your virtual experience:

Remember the chair analogy? Well, after learning up to this limit, you would have apparently understood why a virtual event platform is considered as an essential part of the process, and the virtual event production company as the complete toolkit. Eventually, your staff will be responsible for collecting & assembling all the best parts of your virtual event, therefore building a custom-tailored solution that meets your demands, goals, and perfectly follows your vision. Virtual fair production companies service providers know exactly what element you’ll need, which tool will be the best, and what background will make the best combination to create the chair of your dreams!

Conclusion: Hire the Best Virtual Events Platforms!

It’s natural that amid all the complexity, things get cloudy. Designing a virtual event could be new for almost everyone involved, so rest assured you’re not alone! Hopefully, now you would have understood the contrast between virtual fair platforms and virtual fair production companies. And, the perfect way to find the right people who’ll get you through this.

Remember that you can always check our pre-launch checklists for virtual fair organisers if you need any assistance.

Or, if you’re planning to host a virtual event, then talk to us today and request a demo. Together, we can build an exclusive chair, custom-tailored just for you.

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