Questions to Ask the Virtual Events Software Providers?

Questions to Ask the Virtual Events Software Providers?

Virtual fair production companies & virtual events platform providers are experts that can guide & drive your virtual event to success. You may be new to virtual events or an experienced sponsor/exhibitor searching for advanced feature add-ons for your event. The virtual fair production company & virtual events software providers can do it all. While venturing out into new spaces, you will definitely need that support. So, hiring the industry’s best virtual fair production company & virtual fair software providers can do wonders for your event. Replicating real events in a virtual environment can be a big challenge, and that is what event sponsors or exhibitors want today. So, HexaFair brings you niche answers to some burning questions. Read On! What to Ask the Virtual Events Software Providers or a Virtual Fair Production Company? 

Virtual Event Software Providers – The Highlights

● Conventional Feelers

Exhibitors & sponsors must understand there are many elements in real events that can be replicated in virtual events. Here are some real questions to ask before meeting any virtual fair production company or virtual fair software providers.

● Diving into the Virtual Experience

Infinite possibilities await exhibitors & sponsors when it comes to virtual events. And, today with technological advancements, anything & everything is possible in this realm. The budget is also assigned as per the features & their usage. This is a unique opportunity to learn and plan virtual events to be like and choose which virtual fair software providers can host your event. 

● Data Collection & Tracking

Data analysis & tracking can give you surprising insights into your audience’s interests. Identifying the on-demand metrics like the number of attendees, sales, engagement, profit, new contacts etc. will help you stay aligned with your audience.

● Virtual Event Planning

Pen down the several aspects that come to your mind regarding a virtual event. It will help you to present them while meeting with a virtual fair production company or virtual events software providers.

● Highest ROI

Most of the in-person event elements can be replicated in your virtual events. Analysing what they are and why you need them here can really earn you a mint. For more information or guidance, read our blog to achieve greater ROI. 

● Virtual Event Goals

Just like real events, virtual events also must have their goals. Let’s have a look at some really important questions.

  1. What special goals will the event help you to achieve?
  2. What benefits will your attendees accrue while attending your virtual event? Compose a list of impressive points that confirm your audience’s interest & attendance towards your event.
  3. Defining your attendee’s persona is very important. Know who they are? What do they do? Their interests! Your target spaces etc. All this data will help you play the information when meeting with a virtual fair production company or virtual events software providers.
  4. It is important to know who your event planners are, their services & responsibilities.
  5. Ask when your event can go live.
  6. Virtual event planning and budgeting are highly essential for any virtual event. Giving the virtual fair software providers a quick overview of your budget will help them evaluate & plan a virtual event within your budget.
  7. Put together the most important virtual event elements that you would like to bring together and share with them.
  8. Plan for the number of days you want to run the live event and in which time zones.
  9. Analyse properly, how many people are being expected to attend your virtual event. Be practical in your goals & strategies.
  10. Pen down the number of sessions you need for your event. Are they general, breakout, or entertainment? Stay clear in your details while meeting them.

● Virtual Event Platform

The platform is the stage that hosts your virtual event & so is highly crucial. Explaining clearly what you need, can help the virtual fair software providers design a custom-tailored solution for you!

  1. Technical Data 

    What kind of registration and/or networking technologies are you looking for? If you have any registration or networking tools, sharing them with the virtual fair production company or virtual events software provider scan helps them integrate the tools into your virtual event.

  2. User Access 

    How do you want your audiences to access the live event? A user id and password login, password sent to the registration database, Google / Facebook sign-on etc. Whichever best fits your event concept.

  3. Breakout Rooms 

    These are highly important in any virtual event as they foster great engagement with your attendees. If you want to add small group interactions, request your virtual fair production company or virtual events software providers to add the same.

  4. Special Features 

    Do you need any special features like CRMs or analytics?

  5. Entertainment

    Virtual events can include entertainment. Gamification, evening entertainments & receptions are a few of them. Think about what best suits your event plan & go for it.

● Video & Live Streaming

Virtual events hold an ocean of possibilities as they are listed as the best mediums to foster online engagement globally. Unlike the term, it is not as simple as the word says. Many elements must be taken into consideration before planning a virtual event.

  • The content type, format & quality are important now. What would you like to have in your event, videos, slides or something different?
  • Will your event have all your exhibitors & speakers in one place or in different areas? The ideal limit of presenters in a session is 8. So, plan your numbers accordingly.
  • Video and sound quality are crucial & take the front stage for any virtual event.
  • How many concurrent rooms/streams do you need for the event and also, do you have any landing page?
  • Are you equipped with DVR/On-Demand Video Playback abilities?
  • Content is king in virtual events. Playing pre-recorded sessions or live sessions on your website and social media channels will help your attendees to come back & revisit your event. 
  • Check if your attendees are interested in the captions feature & also if your event must play in multiple languages?
  • Internet bandwidth is extremely crucial for virtual events. Having a good bandwidth can help your audiences to stay connected till the end.

● Production & Strategy

Strategies vary from event to event & concept to concept. The virtual fair production company or virtual events software providers are experts in designing the best strategic plan for your event.

  1. Speakers & presenters are the key personnel to keep your audience engaged. Hiring experienced speakers is the best choice. But if they are fresh or inexperienced, then, it will be a tough job for you to train them. Young, energetic experts should be your choice as they are already experienced to drive your event to success.
  2. Having the right kind of content by your side is essential. Experienced speakers also fail if your content is boring. Having experts by your side to help you choose the right content will be a good idea.
  3. Pre- and post-event strategy is important for your virtual event. If you have one, then it’s great. But if you need one. Then don’t hesitate to take that help from your virtual fair production company or virtual fair software providers.

● Marketing & Engagement

Virtual events are all about engagement. With live events, you are not just competing with your attendee’s smart gadgets. But the whole Internet, books, their kids, and many other aspects come into the picture. So, designing strategies that can foster uninterrupted engagement to your attendees is a must. Here are a few questions that are essential to consider.

  • Networking: One of the main reasons why people attend online events is networking. Evaluating what networking models can support attendee engagement is a must.
  • Tools: Do you need Q&A & pooling tools?
  • Marketing: What marketing strategies you would like to adopt for your virtual event? 
  • Engagement: How are you planning to engage your audiences at your virtual event? And what are your strategies for post-event engagement?
  • Analytics: Analytics is one of the best ways to measure your event’s success. Metrics show whether you have achieved your goals or not. And also, what can be done to enhance your audience’s next virtual experience.


As of now, you are all aware of what to ask when approaching a virtual fair production company or virtual fair software providers. With all the essential data, you are on a good call now. Sharing some important information can help the service provider to align itself with your virtual event goals. This will enable them to design & deliver the best virtual event experience for you and your attendees. 

For more information, check our virtual trade events planning timeline checklist and blog page. 

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