Ways to Use AR & VR in Events – Create New & Engaging Experience

Ways to Use AR & VR in Events – Create New & Engaging Experience

Nowadays, the event industry and event professionals are highly seeking more innovative and engaging ways to bring their events to life. So, it is the right time to explore extended reality (XR) solutions like AR and VR in events to create the best immersive virtual event experience. 

To show off in stats, the global spending on XR is about £130 billion by 2023 and as per the PwC’s Future Forecast, £1.39 trillion will be added to the global economy through XR by 2030. 

So, it’s a clear picture that the positive metrics on XR are increasing and the technology powered by AR and VR is now more accessible than ever. 

Here are the following ways to transform your in-person event into a virtual event.

Get Started to Use AR & VR in Events– 5 Ways to Transform your Event 

The following advantages of establishing a virtual event solution are based on our firsthand experience. As a virtual event platform provider, we work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, assisting them in harnessing the power of AR in events to bring their event experiences to life: 

Expand or replace physical events 

Are you looking to deliver the best-in-class event experience with a wider reach across the globe or do you need to recreate a physical event in an immersive digital environment? Then, augmented and virtual reality will provide you with the best answer. 

Be it your exhibition or expos or trade shows or any other events, try to showcase your business in 3D interactive real-world spaces. This is the best way to enable your audience to explore and reach them across the world. You can completely give your audience a unique experience with different options for your virtual event including, 

  • VR experience using a VR headset 
  • AR in mobile or tablet devices. 
  • Interactive 3D web-based experience 

With HexaFair 3D virtual reality event platform, we use AR & VR in events to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions to provide an elevated audience experience. 

Some of our in-built features are, 

  • A 3D virtual lobby with a welcome video wall, a designated area for sponsors and a help desk 
  • Provide a 3D virtual auditorium to conduct breakout sessions, live conferences, and Q&A, Polls 
  • Supports multiple concurrent sessions up to 5 tracks. 
  • In a 3D virtual booth, you can display images, documents, data sheets and play videos. 
  • Brand your event virtual networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors. 

Interactive and immersive products and services 

By placing virtual products in shoppers’ homes, AR & VR in events can offer an engaging ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience that is being increasingly used by retailers to influence the purchase decision. 

Through AR, brands and event organizers can showcase their products and services in an interactive 3D environment that users can interact with within their own real-world space. The benefit of this is more evident for large products (such as cars, and heavy machinery), or complex products and services. 

For VR in events, HexaFair has created virtual product demos for all the top brands with product images, descriptions, prices and the ability to purchase a particular item. 

Provide an enhanced event experience at any time, anywhere 

Getting the right people in the same place at the same time is a key challenge for the events industry. At the best of times, making an event successful for a global or even local audience can be challenging due to busy schedules, remote working, and travel restrictions. 

A virtual event can be created as an AR or VR experience, and event organizers can deliver a rich and engaging event experience directly to each attendee. As long as your virtual event requires only a smartphone or tablet, you won’t need to schedule in time for them or manage travel arrangements. Read more virtual engagement ideas here. 

Integrate Gamification 

It has been shown in research that the use of AR in events can be extremely effective as a learning tool: neuroscientists found that AR experiences delivered almost twice (1.9 times) the engagement of their non-AR counterparts. 

Using AR technology, we can place ourselves at the centre of an experience. In augmented reality, our physical location is a key component used to extend our perception of reality with digital content. The concept is similar to first-person gameplay, putting the gamer at the centre of the gaming experience – making it uniquely engaging and immersive. 

Using AR and VR we have triggered gaming experiences for clients such as Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Bingo, Escape Rooms and more whereby interactive games are overplayed on top of the real world. 

Track Success of Your Event with Powerful Analytics 

You can track and measure every interaction that takes place during a virtual event, and, if necessary, you can link it directly to individual users. The inherent digital nature of virtual events makes it straightforward to collect user data and feed it into sales pipelines, which in turn delivers high quality leads to industry professionals. 

Our VR in events experiences have analytics embedded by default, so regardless of your event objectives (e.g. to measure progress and activity on training experiences), the ability to collect and analyze data is critical to assessing the success of your event. 

Technology powered by AR in events can now be accessed more readily than ever, and HexaFair can assist you in turning your events into engaging virtual events.  Contact us to get more AR and VR ideas.