Hybrid Events Challenges: How To Overcome Them

Hybrid Events Challenges: How To Overcome Them

Events are evolving at a tremendous pace. The snapback is massive and outstripping. Industries facing severe setbacks are planning to re-emerge, stirring up a new wave of trends, i.e., virtual & hybrid events. 

If businesses are still planning for 100% live event hosting, there is a massive risk of not following safety guidelines and ruining the experience. Hybrid fairs, however, mitigate the risk through their convenient models. Most businesses are adopting hybrid fairs [25% in-person & 75% virtual] models as it involves less risk, ensures high safety, and fulfils immersive experiences in these pandemic times. In a time where businesses are bound to shut down, now see hope in the form of virtual & hybrid events models. 

On a hybrid exhibition platform, data & elements covered from physical events are perfectly replicated in virtual & put to display in the show. It helps people reminisce some beautiful moments from past physical events, and businesses benefit by bringing to life those proud moments of live events. 

Hybrid Fairs – though considered a blend of live & virtual spaces, portray a unique identity in presence, features & experience. A hybrid exhibition platform can help you host the best event and offer extensive support for your marketing and post-event ideas. But what makes your show successful depends on your event goals and planned strategies. As the best hybrid exhibition platform, we have studied, experimented and framed effective plans to make your hybrid fairs immersive and most loved. 

In this article today, Modern Hybrid Events Challenges: Setting Innovative Goals for Diverse Exhibits, we share some crucial information for your benefit.

Understanding Hybrid Events Challenges 

Event Goals: Virtual Events 

Powerful strategies with the right approach can help in designing clear, smart virtual event goals. As per our study, some of the most effective virtual & hybrid events goals are 

Audience Engagement

Virtual events can be a source of great engagement if planned perfectly. Content must be well-planned, structured and placed rightly to gain audience attention, which can be only achieved with experience and strategy. The best virtual events platform can offer your audience both engagement &immersive experience. 

Data Collection

Every audience who attends the event and every act the audience does on the hybrid exhibition platform leads to data collection. It is enormous, perfect and acts as great support for next event planning and goal building. Attendee participation is crucial but, not all participants who register for the event show up. People who attend are where our focus must be, and it is the place from where our data comes. Immersive, built-in concepts help you build a deep connection with your audience. When there is activity on the platform with good interaction and planning, you can expect huge ROI, and also collect vast data about your audience’s interests, plans, budgets etc. The hybrid exhibition platform or virtual events planners can give you the data you are looking for. Going virtual means, you have a high opportunity to play and win big in your chosen marketplace. 

Event Promotion

Sponsorships & social media help you identify and reach your target markets faster than any source. A stunning teaser of your event or creative that interacts with your audience can help you get the right attention from your audience. 

So, you must be very cautious while choosing the right hybrid event platform. Read the tips to choose the best hybrid event technology 

 Event Goals: In-Person Events 

 Power up your live space

Now that virtual & hybrid events are the new normal. And live events are slowly springing back to normal. Hosting live events at this particular time with a copious audience can be risky. It is better to halt, evaluate the situation, train your staff, conduct safety protocols and then launch your event with minimal attendance. Invest a part of your budget in staff training and safety measures. It will help you do well with your live events. 

Build Group Networks

After a long time, people will be stepping out in confidence for networking & building markets. So, ensure the venue is well sanitized & all safety protocols are followed. Engagement is crucial, and so is communication. So, communicate with all people in equal interest. Be it, single attendees or groups. People would love to network post-pandemic. Any source that fosters networking will be of great advantage. 

Educate your Customers 

For any event, educating customers about products, services, and more is essential. Most of the strategies we planned for live events might not work anymore. It is time to think outside the box and frame new strategies to attract markets. Hygiene comes first, and sanitising every corner and element at the live venue plays a crucial role. Mobile-based activities & interactions can help save time &lessen efforts. 

Event Goals: Hybrid Fairs 

To set goals for hybrid fairs, understanding the challenges of the hybrid event is essential. As it is a blend of live & virtual concepts, there will be immense scope to reach & interact with a vast audience. Creating an attendee profile sparks their interest and encourages them to participate more. With continuous lockdown and the serious toll of events, people need engagement and networking. Hybrid fairs can simultaneously engage the audience both in-person and virtually. Events now will be more focused, goal-oriented and carry enormous engagement opportunities for customers. 

Goals to Build Loyalty, Enhance ROI & Brand Awareness

Own your Hybrid Fairs

Identifying solutions for every problem with organizers might not be easy. Planning event goals, ensuring health & hygiene standards on the venue, crowd management etc., is looked after by organizers. But to find the niche solutions, connecting with your exhibit partner is the only way. 

Blending Elements for Better Experience

Allowing attendees to go back and forth migrating platforms helps them to understand the value of your event and source. 

The new AR & VR experiences enable people to multitask simultaneously from the comfort of their devices and personal spaces. Sitting in a venue, people can now log in to virtual exhibits for more data and the latest information. Such is the benefit of hybrid fairs. 

Engagement on Multiple Levels

One of the biggest hybrid events challenges is to create the perfect engagement. Activities that rendered the best engagement in the past might not work now. The new ways of engagement can be strange and unique for people to understand and follow. Hybrid Fairs allow you to create and carry the same engagement across live and virtual spaces simultaneously. 

The solutions to hybrid events challenges are here. The return of events is creating a wave of virtual & hybrid events. Now is the right time to plan your event goals and execute them to finesse with a hybrid exhibition platform. HexaFair is a hybrid event platform that offers you extended support to host in-person, virtual, virtual & hybrid events, and hybrid fairs in a way you never thought of. 

For better solutions to your hybrid events challenges, book your demo today!