Virtual Event Press Release – 5 Tips to Write a Fantastic

Virtual Event Press Release – 5 Tips to Write a Fantastic

Virtual events are on the rise. The shift is imminent, and the results are massive. Today on the virtual event press release, as all the traditional events are drifting to digital exhibitions online, there is an immense scope to achieve 8x results with minimal investment. 

Press releases are crucial marketing tools a company can use to promote itself. 

A press release is a type of announcement, often issued by companies with regard to business-sensitive information. 

If your virtual fairs are conference-based with guest speakers onboard or there’s anything noteworthy happening on your digital summit platform- it is suggested to inform the audience before the event begins. 

Communicate the story that brings you to life. 

Virtual event press release templates can help marketers compile the information for distribution, but there are few guidelines to follow. 

These 5 tips offer the best advice on crafting a captivating pitch. Read on. 

Virtual Events Press Release – Tips To Consider 

1. Going Formal for a Press Release

virtual event press release

A press release is a document that announces an event or item to the people in the media industry. It’s an important marketing tool that needs to be taken seriously.

The most important thing that you should know before writing your virtual events press release is the format.

It’s best to follow all the formal requirements. That also includes adding the right number of paragraphs and punctuations.

The rules of a press release are rigid and demanding. Start with an attention-grabbing intro in the first paragraph.

The right fonts, spacings, italics, and quotes – are essential parts of the template. Abiding by journalistic standards is also crucial.

2. Pen Down Engaging and Informational Headlines

virtual event press release for engage

One of the things that set the virtual events press release apart from other content is its headline.

The headline has to be creative, engaging and also informative for the reader.

Clarity is essential, and if you can give people an answer to a specific question or information that they are looking for in the headline, that will help a lot.

A headline of a press release is a must-have for the success of your outreach. That’s why you should learn to include catchy and informative headlines that will make people want to read more. You may also look out for the audience engaging practices here. 

Your headline should fit one or two lines, should use keywords and phrases that your audience would search on Google, and should be interesting enough to make it to the news page of at least one major website.

3. Familiarize your Audience with Content – Efficiently and Extensively

virtual event press release for audience

People love stories. So, the virtual events press release can share compelling narratives.

Give them hooks with dialogue and niche detail. Articles should not go over 500 words, and press releases need to include information like

  • When the digital exhibition or virtual event online is happening?
  • What are the digital events platform highlights?
  • Who is participating in the virtual events?
  • Where is the location and address of the virtual event?
  • What are the website links and exhibitors list of digital events platforms, virtual events etc?

Inform the public about your upcoming virtual events by writing a press release. In today’s noisy marketing environment, the key is to focus on content that will satisfy readers and will keep readers coming back for more.

Make sure the content of your virtual event press release is easily understandable. 

Essentially the first sentence must answer the “who, what, when” question.

Informing efficiently and substantially means you should be only giving important information in your release.

4. Adding Extra Elements for Extended Reach & Engagement

virtual event press release for reach

One way to make your press release stand out to a broader audience is by using supplementary materials where relevant.

You can do this by keeping an eye on the content and timing of your press releases.

  • Include an executive bio with a picture.
  • Be honest and responsive.
  • Be concise and add all the relevant information (about the virtual events, digital summit platform) wherever essential.
  • Post information about the curator for the virtual event. etc.,

Allow the readers a little bit of creativity to engage better and not be forced to digest just what you have written.

5. Make Brand Visibility a Priority

virtual event press release for brand

When creating your press release, bear in mind your company’s branding and target audience.

Blog posts and other online engagement activities should include ideas that speak to bloggers who write agenda-based content.

Whether you create a virtual events brand campaign or are issuing virtual events press releases as an information vehicle, your digital events online must have a clear strategy for visibility.

To create an immersive and unified event experience, keep the brand attention in mind for virtual events. 

It includes creating scrolling marquees, a countdown clock to announce the keynote speaker and other keynote information to emphasizing dates and times for official events during the show.

And, that’s all about the Tips to Write a Fantastic Press Release.

Writing the best press release is a dream for every journalist/ publisher. It is a rare and the best opportunity every writer shall be looking forward to.

So, follow the rules, identify your interests, tame your talents and only publish the real stories.

Sending the virtual event press release to publishers/ journalists/ bloggers maximizes your reach and enhances your virtual events / virtual fairs online presence. To conduct 3D virtual events/fairs, Contact Hexafair team.