Top 15 Creative Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas to gain ROI

Top 15 Creative Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas to gain ROI

Virtual events are adding a wealth of value to businesses today. And, one of the best benefits they bring along is, potential sponsors! Basically, identifying sponsors and convincing them to become a part of your virtual event can be quite arduous. But the process is extremely beneficial and most needed for both exhibitors and sponsors involved.

Also, to reveal, in the virtual realm, there are numerous virtual event sponsorship ideas, businesses can take advantage of to attract potential partners & ensure they experience all the publicity, virtual event ROI & leads they ever wanted. Creativity is the key and holding on to it makes your experience the most cherished by all. In this article today, HexaFair presents theTop 15 Creative Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas you can execute to achieve great virtual event ROI for your next event. To further enhance the experience of the virtual events, making open your event on a virtual events app is the best suggestion.

Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Improving Virtual Event ROI

1. Taking in Sponsors:

With businesses going online, engagement & interaction has become most important than ever. And, HexaFair is here to drive you to the farther side of virtual events. Kickstart your virtual event sponsorship journey with HexaFair.

Virtual event ROIisthe best means to attract & promote new sponsors. Incorporating special segments, branded logos and banners into your events will help you go that extra mile and make your app designs relate to sponsors brand identity. Also, push notifications can be enabled to remind your attendee’s of sponsored sessions or offers. This is one of the best virtual event sponsorship ideas to promote your sponsors and gain engagement.

2. Leveraging the Dynamics of Digital Ad Space:

With the onset of the pandemic, digital ad spaces have become one of the most popular marketing tools, and also a potential means to connect and engage with your audiences.

Digital advertising facilitates diverse ways to monetize a virtual event. Incorporating pop-up ads and banners attracts potential sponsors to your event platforms, virtual events app and live streams. You can plan to redirect the attendees to either the sponsor’s website or a particular page, thereby generating great leads for your business.

3. Introduce Sponsors in Your Content:

Virtual events are all about features & content. Substandard content and inexperienced speakers can drive your audience away. Content is king and can be the best medium to promote your sponsors. Before every presentation, you can add sponsor logos, play videos and intros for your attendees.

4. Branded Breakout Sessions:

Branded breakout sessions add that extra spark to your virtual events ROI. It is often suggested to work with a virtual event production company service provider for hosting breakout sessions. They can help you choose the best equipment and essential tools for your event. Once you have decided to add breakout rooms for your events, now it’s time to get sponsorships. There are numerous add-ons you can incorporate into your virtual events app like sponsored entertainment, content, ads, chatrooms etc. You can also offer VIP branded breakout rooms with special offers & free downloads to generate the leads.

5. The Promotion Strategy:

As it is going to be a virtual event, you will not have any physical strain or serious preparations. Your attendees too only have to stay online for a time with no extra expenses or travel hassles. In a scenario like this, all you need is effective virtual event sponsorship ideas & promotional strategies to attract potential sponsors for your event. Be it on social media platforms or email drafts, make sure to add sponsor stuff at some point.

6. Registration Program:

Registration forms are another crucial means to promote your sponsors apart from virtual events. You can consider adding a feature, banner or make your speaker share voice about the registration platform on the web page. This will enlighten your attendees about the platform and if they like it, they will register.

7. Branded Lectures:

On virtual platforms, sponsors get a unique opportunity to interact directly with attendees. Where banners, ads and videos fail to work, there an open virtual face to face interaction with audiences will do the job. Explaining to your attendees about your company/product/service information can be the most appealing strategy.

Offering your sponsors, a branded lecture opportunity is the most widely adopted virtual event sponsorship ideas today and is considered to be one of the best means to generate good virtual event ROI for the exhibitors.

8. Q&A Sessions:

Sometimes, a branded lecture too might fall short or pale for sponsorships. In that scenario, organising a Q&A session with the audience will help. This enables sponsors to interact with their audiences on a much deeper level. The sessions are a crucial element in virtual events as they are most personalized, and make attendees feel connected. With these, on one side your sponsors can gain awesome virtual event ROIwhile on the other side they make them happy.

9. One-On-One Sessions:

Get deeper with the sponsor and attendee interaction through one-on-one sessions. The main aim of sponsors has always been to find clients, create business and share information. In such a case, nothing more can ever come close to fulfilling your goals like virtual events app. You can also arrange for private virtual meetings between your selected attendees and sponsors with our virtual events app. Offering small incentives to your attendees will encourage them to become a part of the event.

10. Digital Offers:

Sponsored goodies have always added a lot of value to virtual events. Exclusive online offers are sure to attract audiences. Giving away vouchers such as Amazon gift cards, free services, open access to the software or online courses etc. can be some of the best virtual event sponsorship ideas to make your event more interesting.

11. Sweet Surprises:

Surprises are sure to add that Midas touch to your virtual events. Offering home deliveries to the attendees would be an awesome surprise. Happy hours have become a crucial part of virtual events. Giving meals takeaways or sending home a nice drink would be great. Packing and labelling the gifts with the brand’s logo would enhance your market value.

12. Online Store:

E-commerce has made many businesses flourish so far. The online store is the most successful and one of the key players in the retail industry. So, adding an online store to your virtual events app would be something unique and highly beneficial. Sponsors also get an opportunity to display and sell their products online, which enables everyone to make an instant profit!

13. Games:

It would be extremely boring if your virtual events app is just limited to business branding, sessions, offers and surprises. To provide a holistic experience to attendees, introducing gamification into the virtual events app not only adds a funny element but also creates a huge engagement across the audience. Ice-breaking games and activities can be fun, interactive and also are a unique means to connect sponsors with the audience.

14. Free Model:

People always enjoy free stuff. Launching a free model for your virtual events app will encourage more attendee participation as it helps them to connect one-on-one with the sponsors, watch live videos, and even share good information.

15. Giveaways:

And last but not least, incorporating branded giveaways into your event like sending t-shirts, mugs, hats with logos to your attendees before the virtual event can draw amazing attention to your event. Share an online announcement that people who attend the event with their gift will be eligible for a massive giveaway. This would increase the traffic to your virtual event exponentially.


Virtual events are vast and so are the ways to market them. With HexaFair -virtual event sponsorship ideas, you can unlock a myriad of possibilities to expand and promote your businesses & brands online. From virtual fundraising events to online job fairs to online networking to virtual enterprise events, virtual events are making their mark in every part of the industry today& are generating the best virtual event ROI for business partners & clients across the globe.

The virtual events app trend is here to stay, so, the idea is to just flow with it.

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