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Unlock the Best Practices to Design & Host your Next Virtual B2B Trade Fair

Virtual trade show technology has been around for many years. But the real demand ever noticed for virtual B2B trade fair hosting is now. Global markets have noted a surge in virtual event hosting as the economy turned down drastically with the occurrence of the pandemic. While some industries are perplexed with losing clients & business opportunities, others are following the trends to stay ahead in gaining new customers & business possibilities through trade fairs. Further, the switch towards the demand, value & execution of “clean & green” technologies presented online networking events as the best choice.

“Virtual B2B trade fair -Not an alternative anymore. It is the only way to keep your business on the go.”

Unveiling the Myths of Virtual B2B Trade Fair

Virtual events are popular spaces for hosting conferences, exhibitions, business meetings etc. But, apart from these, they can also be adopted for all your training sessions, career fairs, networking, panel discussions, real estate, non-profit, workshops, webinars, fundraisers, collaborative events, branding, marketing, live streams, summits etc.

Identifying the best virtual trade show platforms is also crucial to hosting a virtual trade show. Want to know why? Because to deliver the best virtual trade show platforms experience, having access to advanced tools & features, experts and technology are essential.

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Most of the futuristic enterprises and Industry leaders today are replacing their physical trade shows with virtual ones. To design and host a virtual trade show is not that easy. It requires the best-in-class support from web technologies, innovative approach to designs, booth planning, content, services, features, strategies, call to actions etc. Choosing the best virtual trade show platforms ensures your clients & audience gain the best attention and engagement throughout the event.

Are you planning to host a virtual trade show? Then, here are a few tips to follow for hosting your virtual fair successfully.

  • Choose the best layout and content – After hosting multiple events physically, you must be aware of your audience pulse, their interests, demands etc. And most importantly the time, when they displayed high interest to attend & participate in your events. So, accordingly, plan &host a virtual trade show on shown-time to generate interest and attract your target audience.
  • Expert teams – To achieve a rich presence in the front-end, you must understand that there will always be an underlying invisible effort put in by the back-end experts to launch & make the product a grand success in the marketplace. Here are some key focus points to consider for organizing a virtual event.
  1. Timeline mapping & timely execution,
  2. Platform design,
  3. Unique colour blends,
  4. Call to action buttons,
  5. Event description in detail
  6. Personal hosts for client management
  7. Coupons, and many more.

If you are new to virtual events hosting, then you can take support from your teammates who have already created a virtual event before. If you don’t have any experience or expert guidance but are looking forward to hosting a show, then you can reach out to the best virtual trade show platform for platforms for support.

  • Take time – For a large scale virtual B2B trade fair, it takes time for organization & completion. There will always be unidentified blockers involved as exhibitor services, gathering creative designs from art agencies, getting the final mail list from your sales department, content, image & call to action insertions into the timeline etc. Another major threat to hosting an online trade fair is the organizer’s decision to wrap up the entire process early. 
  • Social support – Social networks are great support when it comes to online promotion & raising awareness for your virtual b2b trade fairs & events. You can launch & promote your virtual events online through a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn Event posting, YouTube channel and also do a corporate blog posting. Though social media promotions are economical, they require a lot of time and effort. But, the scope of awareness & reach through effective social media planning & engagement is beyond compare.
  • Exhibitor’s training  Well, every exhibitor would like to have a preview of their virtual booth space. It helps them to learn more about your virtual fair platform, its structure, features, appearance, navigation &content.
  • Enough virtual staffing – To impart valuable technical and logical support to your attendees, your virtual fair must have adequate staffing. Mostly, there will be customers who often request your staff to personally direct them to the virtual booth.
  • On-demand access – Visitors who are unable to attend the event online must be provided with on-demand access to view the live events later on. Collaborating with the best virtual trade show platform sensureensure your show content is available for view and download post-event.
  • Gather reviews: Reviews play a major role in helping you to learn about the status of your virtual show. They help you to design your next event even better & also strategically plan your next event for more audience engagement and interaction.


The demand for the best virtual platforms has been far-reaching and more impactful than ever before. To make the experience even better, exhibitors are invoking more reality-based features, content and immersive designs for their audiences. HexaFair is one of the best virtual trade show platforms where exhibitors can host a virtual trade show, operate and track their fairs successfully. 

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