Virtual Event Invitation Email: Top Event Models & Use-Cases to Watch

Virtual Event Invitation Email: Top Event Models & Use-Cases to Watch

The game of planning effective strategies for business growth has always surprised businesses with unprecedented challenges & a competitive edge. Industries have a myriad of opportunities to engage their customers constructively. One such successful strategy is event marketing. Virtual events marketing is a unique opportunity to generate new, well-qualified leads, ROI and enhance your branding.

In this article, Virtual Event Invitation Emails: Top Event Models & Use-Cases to Watch, let us look into the virtual event invitation emails, email campaigns, 6 key elements and many more.

Virtual Event Invitation Email

Events are diverse, and so are their selling points. Every event has its unique approach to reach target audiences and build demands. Talking about email marketing, you can play with different colour combinations, create unique designs and add rich content to entice your audience.

Email invitations carry trendy designs and creative content to share updates about business or product launches, services etc. Necessary call-to-actions depict whether your strategy was a success or a failure.

Let us explore the various types of virtual event invitation emails.

Virtual Trade Show: Marketing E-mails

Create some splendid marketing content targeting your VIP client base. E-mails are a space where creativity can be used endlessly. Your email content can discuss virtual events, virtual trade shows, product updates, new launches, success stories, awards, offers, invitations for keynote presentations or virtual conferences etc.

Virtual Events: New Product Launch

A teaser e-mail will keep the surprise yet raises hype amongst your customers and competitors. Not sharing your product details completely, but just revealing some catchy information to create a stir. A product launch definitely can make the best use of email campaigns.

Virtual Conferences/Keynote Presentations:

Virtual conferences focus on industry leaders, popular speakers, sponsors and event takeaways. Post-event chats and appointments contribute to events success and also helps in creating new networking opportunities. Keynote presentations are popular speaker sessions where people share their experience, knowledge and innovations with partners &other people.

Virtual Events: Rewards 

Employee recognition, star of the year, nominations etc., are some of the concepts under the rewards category. There is always an element of excitement & exclusivity when it comes to sending award emails to employees or clients.

Virtual Trade Show: Charity Events 

Sharing charity event emails invokes the philanthropic side of the viewers. Charities can be great engagers if you share the cause and reason for supporting the case.

Virtual Events Email Campaigns

When designing content for email campaigns, strategies that offer the sale but hold the surprise are considered most effective & promising. Campaigns like Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Offers have noted tremendous success and are still popular.

So, let us check out the series of emails you can share with your clients for engagement and business.

The First E-mail: 

It covers crucial information about the campaign. The first emails carry event invitations about business or service promotions creating excitement in the reader’s mind to wait for the next email.

The Second E-mail:

The second one is a follow-up email. You can reveal some more details keeping the mystery intact. It will also be a reminder mail for your audience informing them the event is coming up. If you are planning for any event changes, adding them to this follow-up email is a good strategy.

The Third E-mail:

In this email, you can fill the content stirring an element of urgency like the offer is expiring or register by 6 pm to avail the discount, etc. You can also plan some CTAs enabling visitors to explore the page or event.

A Thank You Email:

The last email is a thank you email sent to all attendees appreciating their presence & participation. That makes them feel special and creates interest to look forward to your next events[ virtual conferences, virtual trade show, hybrid events, etc.]. This is one of the best post-event marketing strategies. To measure the success of your event, you can also send emails asking for feedback & reviews. This will help you to plan your next event even better.

The 6 Key Elements of Virtual Event Invitation Emails

The content of your email depends on the goal and type of event you are hosting. Events can be virtual conferences, virtual trade show, virtual events, hybrid events, virtual art galleries, virtual photo booths etc. In any case, emails offer great help in event promotions. Some of the key elements to include in virtual trade show email campaigns are

  • Spectacular designs.
  • Engaging introduction.
  • Value offering
  • Time, date and location
  • Professional email address
  • CTAs

How to Create Effective Virtual Event Invitation Email?

Creating effective virtual event invitation email for your virtual conferences or virtual trade show is easy now. All you need to learn are the virtual event’s goals, identify ways to communicate the right information to your target audience, and not forget the concept, selling the creative way.

Want to learn more about the topic – Virtual Conferences Invitation Emails? Let’s get into the details.

  • You can drive your audience to take action in many ways. Fun is one element that can help you play better while designing creative email content for virtual events or virtual conferences.
  • Do you know animated gifs, short videos, animations, graphics can drive your audience to take action or make that purchase? Most of the communication happens through creative designs & images. Catchy content plays a small role & yet can be a game-changer too.
  • Actionable CTAs mostly encourage the audience to take that action or attend an event. Email templates, when supercharged with powerful CTAs can do wonders for your virtual trade show email marketing campaign.
  • Create content that makes them ask for more. Keep the content minimum yet highly engaging for your audience.
  • You can add videos of previous virtual conferences, virtual events or client testimonials to gain the extra attention of your audience.
  • Categorize your audience list based on location, interests, age groups etc. Segment them into groups to send customized virtual event invitation emails as per their interest &choice.

Last but not least, ensure the designs are responsive, mobile-friendly and compatible with all the browsers, devices, and clients.A powerful HTML email template builder can help you build responsive, mobile-friendly, and accessible postcard virtual event invitation emails for any purpose.


Despite all the marketing platforms & techniques, virtual trade show email marketing still stands on top because of its infinite capacity in creativity, traffic & lead generation. A personalized email template is enough to fuel your audience interests, drive them to CTAs and ensure attendance.

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