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HexaFair Virtual Events Cloud, the most comprehensive hybrid communication software platform Offers Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conference, Virtual Summit & Virtual Meet solutions.

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  • - monthly
    • Multi-Language
      • Give your virtual events & fairs audience to engage in their regional languages & expand globally with multi-language plugin
      • Our platform supports English, French*, Spanish*, Dutch*, German*, Japanese*, Korean*, Arabic* languages
  • - monthly
    • Ticketing for attendee’s registration
      • Free registration or Paid fee (one-time) for attending the virtual & hybrid events can be configured
      • PayPal/Stripe payment gateway is supported to accept credit card/PayPal fee from the attendees
  • - monthly
    • Video calls with exhibitors
      • Allow Video conferencing (call) between the exhibitor and attendee at your virtual conferences & fairs (Pay Per usage).
  • - monthly
    • Virtual Networking : Social Lounge for one on one meets
    • The social networking lounge is a bliss for attendees to feel closer to an in-person event. Interactions in the virtual networking lounge are similar to the physical one.

      • Directory of visitors: Display the list of visitors.
        • Profile: Display the information of the person
        • View Business Card: Display the contact details of the person
      • Virtual Business Card: Can be shared with other attendees & exhibitors
      • Filters: Filter by company name, Filter by area of interests
      • Allow attendees to set one-on-one meeting
      • Brand your virtual networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors
  • - monthly
    • Rooms for breakout and demos
    • Host virtual events& fairs, organize small group meetings broken into breakout rooms for your attendees. Provide your premium exhibitors access to Demo rooms to provide leads with engaging virtual demos.Integrated with Zoom Breakout rooms or HexaFair breakout rooms (Pay per usage).

      • Group Video Meetings for Breakout sessions
      • Moderator control can also be given to hosts or moderators
      • Room display visibility can be controlled
      • Demo Rooms Provision to premium exhibitors
  • - monthly
    • Virtual & Hybrid Conferences (video streaming)
    • Host virtual & hybrid conferences at scale that can be hosted virtually in real-time or can be accessed on-demand elevating the attendee experience.

      • Speakers: Event organizer can create speakers and their profiles
      • Sessions: The event organizer can manage sessions and times.
      • Speaker can join by log in from Zoom or Microsoft Team or Google meet, start streaming.
      • Record every sessions and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
      • Q & A: Attendees can post live Q & As.
      • Polls: Unlimited polls with audiences available.
      • Choose Single Track or Multi-Track (up to 5 parallel sessions) available.
  • - monthly
    • Livestream your existing physical events
      • Use HexaFair’s RTMP and Stream Key to livestream your physical event video content (e.g., a keynote) into the 3D auditorium of Virtual Events Platform.
      • We call these hybrid events.
      • Extend the audience reach and revenue of your existing events by live-streaming onto a virtual version of your event on HexaFair.
  • - monthly
    • On-Demand Videos
      • Host Live On-demand sessions: An integrated 3D Virtual Stage part of our Virtual Events Platform helps the Event organizer can upload recorded videos and audios that are available for the participants to watch and consume at any point of time during the virtual events & fairs.
  • - monthly
    • 3D Interactive Virtual Stage
      • Experience 3D Fully Interactive Virtual Stage.
      • Using the latest extended reality technologies, Immersive VR Stage enables you to create dynamic, live productions integrating live presenters and multimedia in a 3D virtual environment.
  • - monthly
    • Sponsors & Banners Management
      • Enables to manage sponsor profiles for your Virtual events.
      • Manage your virtual event sponsors and display their banners/logos in the 3D virtual events platform to promote among attendees.
  • - monthly
    • Staffs Management
      • Exhibitors of virtual& hybrid fairs can add multiple team members to access, manage, and run their booths.
      • Each staffs can interact with attendees & Share the load! Upto 3-5 staffs per exhibitor is supported.
      • Each staff can choose male/female avatars.
  • - monthly
    • Property Board
    • Should the event organizer want to enable real estate properties listing feature at booths, it is simple!

      • The exhibitors can manage their own inventory of real estate properties from their web panel.
      • The attendees can go through the property information at 3D exhibitor virtual booths.
  • - monthly
    • Courses Board
    • The #1 plugin for Virtual Career Fair, an integral part of our 3D Virtual Events Platform.

      • Courses: Exhibitors can manage the courses offered by educational institutions and its details. The maximum No. of courses allowed as per the plan they subscribed with.
      • The students can view the courses information and can apply to the course of the college/institutions by attaching cover letter available at 3D Virtual Booths.
      • List of applications: The exhibitor can view the list of student applications and information.
  • - monthly
    • Products Catalogue Board
    • Should the event organizer want to enable buying products feature to exhibitors, it is simple!

      • The exhibitors can manage their own inventory of products from their web panel along with “Buy now” URL.
      • The attendees can go through the products information at the 3D exhibitor virtual booth and complete the purchase at the Exhibitor Website.
  • - monthly
    • Jobs Board
    • The #1 plugin for Virtual Jobs Fair, an integral part of our 3D Virtual Events Platform.

      • Jobs: Exhibitors can manage the jobs and its details. The maximum No. of jobs allowed as per the plan they subscribed with.
      • The attendee can view the job information and can apply to the job by attaching their Virtual Business card visible at 3D Virtual Booths.
      • List of applications: The exhibitor can view the list of job applications and candidate information.
Leader Board for virtual Communities
  • - monthly
    • Gamification & Leaderboard
    • Add zing to your virtual events and gamify it. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable immersive experience to your virtual audiences.

      • Activate leader board for virtual communities
      • Assign points to different activities
      • Reward attendee activities and actions