Virtual Events Software & its 9 Important Benefits

Virtual Events Software & its 9 Important Benefits

Despite the uncertain circumstances taking a toll on the world in an unprecedented way. Organizations are in search of the best strategies to capture the highest audience engagement. The phase has been quite challenging until a solution in the form of virtual events software benefits came across. From planning to management to execution to marketing, it is a true medium jam packed with innovation, technology, tools and content. Virtual events online can make your experience more interesting and immersive. A plethora of stunning visual elements, immersive features, top-notch content altogether are making the virtual events software as most desirable today.

The new virtual events online models are blended and can be customized to accommodate complete virtual, targeted virtual, hybrid, &content365. Virtual events online concepts are endless. Every concept is unique and demands a strategic approach. Businesses too are vast and so are their event goals, approaches& strategies. With HexaFair, we have made the impossible possible through our research, planning, designing and execution. Designing a virtual events software like HexaFair has made us perform a niche study on every subject and be target centered to drive the best leads and ROI for our prestigious global clientele.

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Interesting! So, let’s take a dive into the virtual realm and explore the 9 important benefits, our virtual events software has to offer.


1. Virtual Events Online: Space Matters

Virtual tours are considered as one of the virtual events best practices. After exploring the benefits of organizing a guided tour through their booth spaces, exhibitors are collectively supporting the idea of gaining special access to the event planning app. The tours have made communication and sharing easy for all audience range.

You can adapt to VR events anytime and we promise that the benefits and experiences are endless. So, here we share some great virtual events ideas for your knowledge.

  1. Organise personalized job fairs to hire the industry best talent online. Host education fairs to tour your students through prospective university campuses, encourage higher learning and share your university brochures.
  2. Organise a tourist expo to explain to your tourists about the destination beforehand. Take them on an expert-guided virtual tour through the place, sightseeing spots, hotels and other facilities.
  3. Organise training sessions for your employees to help them work better and improve their performance.

There are plenteous virtual events ideas & virtual events best practices available for exploration and quick adoption.

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2. Virtual Events: Perfectly Replicate Your Physical Events to Virtual

B2B and B2C marketing and communications are observing a massive shift as virtual reality has completely taken over the in-person events. To enable seamless connectivity, all real events are perfectly replicated now to virtual. Well-refined physical event marketing strategies are no longer useful. But the strategies can be slightly elevated to match the 3D (VR) events experience. With VR events, event planners can offer a better-personalized experience for their audiences globally.

3. Virtual Events Software: Make Your Audience Feel Special

In personal events, promotions used to happen through posters, banners, hoardings and hectic video set-up. It required a lot of space, investment, planning and strategy. With virtual events software, all of these and many more can be achieved in a swish. Lavish platform entry designs, captivating content, stunning visuals and engaging videos all are pre-designed, uploaded and completely taken care of. The goal is clear, arrangements are done, low investment and huge engagement, there is more that you can achieve through the event planning app.

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Over 2/3rd of customers are now demanding customized content. Rather than just regular pre-designed content, after learning about the virtual events online, they are asking for something niche, customized and a detailed virtual tour or presentation.

4. Get Ready for a Dynamic Online Presence:

Regular static experiences are replaced with engaging and immersive dynamic virtual experiences. Virtual tours are making the experience a lot easy. Relative embedded tour videos on websites are attracting more potential clients, reports say. And promoting the tour through event planning apps and digital channels is offering users an experience beyond the website. It’s time to create and elevate your brand presence through social media, email marketing & other channels.

5. Convert your Audience to Leads:

With customized virtual tours, engaging videos and immersive experiences there is better scope for gaining audience attention. The platforms also give adequate space & opportunity to convert attention to leads, drive good revenue and maximize ROI. Further, the call-to-action buttons encourage your audience to learn more about the brand and converts them into leads.

6. Storytelling Approach: The Best Way to Market Your Virtual Events Online

Popular brands often follow trends for better market growth & audience engagement. Besides, there is so much fun to it. Taking an idea, building a story around it, using creative animations and funny emoji’s, versatile presentations& many more exclusive features make storytelling, the best strategic approach to market virtual events online.

The approach has won audiences hearts at large. It makes your ads look like stories & most of our audiences felt that strong compel to take a step and make that purchase.

7. Train Better for Great Productivity Ahead

Well, so far virtual events were proven blockbusters for events, fairs and expos. But there is more. Employees can train their teams through the virtual events software, share confidential information, host one-on-one conversation with their employees to build better communications. In times where offices are shut down and people cannot meet, virtual events online come in as a great help for employers and managers to conduct meetings, ideate with teams and also take tests, host Q&A sessions for enhanced employee productivity & engagement. If your employees productivity is not so satisfactory, then

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8. Grand Visuals for Audience Activity

When it comes to marketing, we never know what element can hit the bullseye. Sometimes, an elegant stroke to an old idea can do wonders to your campaign rather than blind new strategies. Research states that over 95% of sales & conversions have happened due to emotional content. Emotions are fragile and so to poster them to your audience, your experts must know where and how to begin and when to stop. If not, your concept may appear boring to your audiences.

Further, sharing your concepts with your customers enhances their experience, makes the bond stronger and also brings in some new leads.

9. Audience is Everywhere, Know Them!

Your target clients can be sitting somewhere across another country figuring out a solution to a burning problem. So, give your best, put yourself out there, tell them what you can offer and what makes you special. Make them feel comfortable and create unforgettable, engaging experiences. Run marketing campaigns, and create social engagement. And then sit back. You will see them coming to you, not just one or two, but plenty. That’s the power of VR Events. Don’t miss them.

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